Buckle your pet up for safety, people!!

So, let's discuss. Those of us who have brains in our heads and hearts in our chests always put our infants in car seats, children in seat belts and we wear seat belts ourselves. Right? So, isn't it bizarre that so many people still allow their beloved pets to roam free in the car? We love our pets as we love our kids. We spend ba-jillions of dollars on fancy food, vitamins, training, grooming and medical care. Yet, it's perfectly ok to let them gallivant through our moving vehicle willy-nilly, distracting us as
we drive our tons of steel on wheels? We think NOT!

Lap-sitting is for the couch, not for a moving vehicle!

Even in merely a sudden stop (oops you almost rear-ended Grandma Betty) or a quick swerve (to avoid that caribou in the road), precious little 8-pound Fluffy becomes a deadly projectile object! When this occurs, not only is your petís life at risk, but yours and your passengers' lives are, as well. Not only will Fluffy most likely be ejected right through the windshield or window to her untimely death, she's also likely to smash into you and/or your passengers on her way out! Not a pretty picture....but it's the truth! You see where we're going with this, don't you??

Therefore, doesn't it make sense to quickly and easily "tether" your pet safely into a seat with a harness and seat belt?

We've all driven past someone on the freeway whose dog has their head hanging out the window....tongue cheerfully flapping in the breeze like a big, beefy banner....drool and foam splattering their owner's windows ever so decoratively. Doesn't that dog look happy? Of course he does, since he has no idea that he's one quick "brake" away from decapitation! Yes, decapitation. We know that sounds horrible and harsh, but it's basic physics and common sense. Honestly, would you let your child ride with their head out the window? Would YOU ride with your head dangling out the window? Just trying to make a point here!

For those of you who have concerns that your pet will be unhappy by his strapped-in-ness, never fear! He won't hate you! He'll quickly get used to his new boundaries and will still enjoy the ride. Then, you'll have peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and secure.

Have we convinced you yet that a dog seat belt
is necessary?
If not, here are a couple pertinent
articles for your perusal:

This one written by a paramedic
This one from the LA Times

Not to toot our horn, BUT.....

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