As professional dog trainers and owners of a boarding facility, we are constantly transporting dogs. Of course, their safety in our vehicles has always been of utmost importance! We searched high and low for a dog seat belt which was not only strong and sturdy, but fast and easy to use. Every product we tried ended up getting returned to the store. We just didn’t have the time to wrestle with adjust-y-thingies, superfluous buckles and overly complicated straps. So, five years ago we decided to design a dog seat belt ourselves, which has all of the features we wanted. We dubbed it, plain and simple, “the car leash”. We’ve been using the product ourselves and have sold them to virtually all of our customers. So now, after having five years of “real life” testing and much positive feedback, we’ve decided to patent our design, slap a cutesy name on it, and bring our "Happy Tails Dog Seat BeltTM" to the masses!

Our dog seat belts are made of industrial strength webbing; nylon (plain styles) or polyester (patterned styles). Each seam is sturdily stitched in four different directions. We use heavy duty steel bolt snaps for our Medium and Large sizes, and a slightly less heavy bolt snap for our Small size.

What makes our product unique and stronger than similar products on the market is that we have been very mindful of keeping the webbing intact. Every time the webbing is cut and a plastic or metal part is inserted to make the seat belt adjustable, you actually compromise the strength and integrity of the seat belt. So, our goal was to somehow make the seat belt adjustable, without having to add any additional buckles, snaps and slide-y parts. We also didn’t want to use an actual seat belt latch to lock the dog seat belt into place. For two reasons 1) you lose the use of a seatbelt! With our design, a passenger can still use their seatbelt and the dog can be tethered to it also. 2) We like the idea of being able to use the dog seat belt as an emergency leash, too. This way, in the event of an accident, you have something to hold onto and walk your pet safely away to the side of the road.

Have we mentioned yet that Happy Tails Dog Seat BeltTM is incredibly easy to use and adjust? Each size dog seat belt has three levels of adjustment. You merely select which slot gives you the appropriate length for your dog to comfortably sit and lie down. Slide your vehicle’s seat belt through the slot, and click the buckle closed. EASY!


Lookie here as we install the size Small - adjusted for a little tiny dog:

Feed your vehicle's seat belt through the slot of choice....


Aim your vehicle's seat belt towards its buckle. You can do it!!!


.....and CLICK! Taa Daaaa!! You're a genius!

Note: Be sure to tuck any excess seat belt down between the back of the seat and the seat.
We didn't tuck it very far in this photo so we could still show you our snazzy product. :)

Now....insert ridiculously adorable puppy.
Attach bolt snap to her harness - be sure to catch through both D-rings.


Now, this is very, VERY, VERY important…..our dog seat belt (or any dog seat belt!) must be used with A HARNESS. Never EVER tether your dog in any way by a collar!!! Even in the slightest braking situation, your dog’s neck could break and/or you could crush its windpipe!! We suppose this is why human seat belts aren't designed to wrap around our necks either....

Ideally, your dog’s harness should be strong and comfortable, sitting lower on its chest, versus up high on its neck. Also, constantly check both your dog’s harness and the car seat belt for any signs of wear and tear and chewing. If there’s damage to either the harness or the seat belt, the effectiveness of our product can be compromised.

One final thing; we’d prefer that you tether your dog in the rear center of your vehicle, as you would an infant seat. But, if you’d rather have your dog ride “shot gun”, please make sure to turn off your vehicle’s passenger side airbag!! Ok?? Promise??

Thank you for visiting - and Happy Trails and Tails to you and your furry friend!


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